Ride the Elephant: The Journey to True Success
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Ride the Elephant: The Journey to True Success

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There is a crisis in personal leadership today…Discover the essential steps to change it!

Many of us think of leadership as getting others to do what we want.
WRONG! That is control and manipulation, and it is debilitating to yourself and others.

This world desperately needs good leadership and it begins with you.

It is time to renew your leadership mindset and base it on time-tested beliefs and principles that have worked for thousands of years that you have left to the wayside. You have bought into the culturally tolerated leadership mindset that controls and manipulates by blaming, excuse-making, victimhood, fear, anxiety, presumption, narcissism, situational ethics and value-judging - which is criticism, complaining, guilting, and shouldering on others.

Leadership that leads with fear and suppression, rescuing and enabling, conformity and labeling, and by marginalizing others by using ad hominem rhetoric, is toxic leadership.

We culturally have lost sight of edifying leadership principles and you need to take responsibility to get them back. 

Leadership is an inside job; it is having a leadership mindset.

A healthy leadership mindset is based in:

1. Taking personal responsibility in every situation that happens.
2. Holding others in high esteem.
3. Edifying others by affirming their character.
4. Being authentic and real.
5. Being a person of exemplary character.
6. Being humble and grateful.
7. Being an inspiration to others.
8. Being compassionate, empathetic, and showing love for others.
9. Being other-centered by putting yourself in other people’s shoes.
10. Doing the right thing no matter the cost.
11. Having faith, hope, trust, and courage in your given abilities.
12. Being accountable in your leadership role.

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