The Dance Cure: The Surprising Science to Being Smarter, Stronger, Happier
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The Dance Cure: The Surprising Science to Being Smarter, Stronger, Happier

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by Dr. Peter Lovatt

The founder of the Dance Psychology Lab, Dr. Peter Lovatt reveals the surprising cognitive and emotional benefits of dancing and prescriptive ways to dance yourself happy.

Dancing isn’t just good exercise. Surrendering yourself to the beat can have a far-reaching impact on all areas of your life. It can help you communicate better, to think more creatively, and can be a powerful catalyst for change. Losing yourself in the moment to a song or piece of music can also alleviate anxiety, depression, and feelings of isolation, Dr. Peter Lovatt has found.

Drawing on great stories from dance history as well as fascinating case studies from his Dance Psychology Lab and his own life, Dr. Lovatt shares his best steps and routines, as well as top dance anthems to inspire everyone—even those who believe they “can't dance”—to turn the music on, stand up, and dance themselves happy.

The Dance Cure is filled with surprising prescriptions covering a variety of needs, revealing how a particular type of dance can help.

  • Looking to become more empathetic? Pair up for a Scottish country dance
  • Eager to enhance your creativity? Shake it up with contemporary dance
  • Need to de-stress? Let loose with punk-era pogo
  • Looking to prolong your life? Zumba is the secret
  • In need of showing yourself more love? Go solo as you trip the light fantastic
  • Want to bolster your self-confidence? Try ballet and belly dance

An irresistible blend of science and whimsy, The Dance Cure shows you how to turn the beat—and your life—around.